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Published October, 2020
India Cattle Feed Market- Opportunities, Competitive Analysis and Forecasts (2020-2025)

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Cattle feed is the second major compound feed segment in India, following the poultry feed segment. Currently, the cattle feed segment in India is a highly under-penetrated, with the majority of cattle farmers relying on green fodder and pastures. However, due to rising urbanization, green pastures and common grazing land are diminishing, creating an opportunity for the compound cattle feed market. The growth in cattle feed consumption is also driven by the growing consumption of milk and milk products. The per capita milk consumption in India has grown from 281 gms/day in 2010-11 to 394 gms/day in 2018-19. This growth in per capita consumption is making it imperative to increase domestic yield and thus driving growth in compound cattle feed consumption.

The cattle feed industry in India is gradually evolving into an organized sector, with the entry of many small manufacturers and backward integration of dairy cooperatives into compound cattle feed production. The dairy cooperatives are the dominant compound cattle feed manufacturers accounting for 45% of the market share. The private players account for 22% of the market share. The major compound cattle feed manufacturers in India are GCMMF (Amul), Godrej Agrovet, Suguna Cattle Feed, Kapila Feeds, among others. The feed manufacturers are incorporating sophisticated production units to enhance feed quality and production volume. Expanding the distribution network is another primary strategy adopted by top cattle feed manufacturers.

Considering the thumb rule of 0.5 kg of feed per liter of milk, with the milk production of 187.7 million tons in 2018-19, the compound feed requirement in India is around 90 million tonnes. Currently, only 11% of the compound cattle feed requirement of India is met. Thus providing ample opportunities for cattle feed manufacturers.

The research provides a detailed assessment of the cattle feed market landscape in India. The report covers the current, historical, and future trends for cattle feed production and consumption.  The study also analyses the competitiveness of the India cattle feed market using Porter’s Five Forces analysis. Market forces responsible for driving and restraining cattle feed consumption, value chain analysis, the potential for compound cattle feed manufacturers, and Government policies and regulations are also included in the report.

The report contains current and historical compound feed consumption data for different categories of cattle such as calf, milking cattle, among others. The study also includes information on the fastest-selling product categories and their future demand. The consumption data of different ingredients such as cereals & cereal by-products, oilseeds & derivatives, molasses, additives for the manufacture of cattle feed is also included in the report. The report also contains insights about the buyer's behavior to understand the buying pattern, when and how do they prefer to buy, the seasonality of their demand to design marketing mix accordingly. Export opportunities and price trends of cattle feed are also covered in the report. Along with the above, the report also consists of a detailed analysis of key compound cattle feed manufacturers covering the brand mapping, strategies followed, and financials.

The study is based on both desk research and primary research. The research can be of considerable importance to policymakers, investors, business strategists, manufacturers, stakeholders in the cattle feed supply chain, and firms/individuals planning to foray into the India cattle feed/ dairy market.  The data in the report will provide a thorough basis for assessing the input-output relations for the livestock sector and planning the production/supply of different feed ingredients. The insights in the report will also be useful to design a trade strategy to maximize benefits from livestock production and strategize marketing mix. The report will also help provide insights about the gaps and opportunities in the market and devise growth strategies accordingly.

Key Deliverables

  • Market trends since 2015 and five-year forecasts of market growth 
  • Detailed analysis of the micro and macro elements influencing demand trends
  • Identifying opportunity spaces across segments
  • Supply & demand side trend and analysis
  • Price trend analysis, investment prospects, and competition pattern
  • Insights on the growth potential of the market
  • Detailed analysis of major producers covering financial investments & strategies adopted
  • Competitive landscape of the industry

1. Introduction                                                                  

        1.1 Research Methodology                                                          

        1.2 Scope of the Study                                                               

        1.3 Assumptions                                                        

2. Summary                                                                      

3. Market Dynamics                                                                   

        3.1 Drivers                                                                

                3.1.1 Reduction in the availability of grazing area                  

                3.1.2 Growing Preference for Cross breed cattle                    

                3.1.3 Shift towards organized dairy industry                            

                3.1.4 Growing demand for value-added dairy products          

                3.1.5 Increased focus on Animal Health to prevent diseases   

        3.2 Restraints                                                            

                3.2.1 Price Volatility of raw materials                                    

                3.2.2 Low awareness about cattle feed among small farmers  

                3.2.3 High import duties on feed ingredients                         

                3.2.4 Increasing feed prices, stagnant milk prices                 

        3.3 Opportunities                                                               

                3.3.1 Organic and natural cattle feed                                   

                3.3.2 Low compound feed penetration                                  

                3.3.3 Age Specific Cattle Feed such as-Pregnant Cattle Feed, Calf Starter, Protein Feed                          

        3.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (Industry Attractiveness)                      

                3.4.1 Bargaining power of Suppliers                                     

                3.4.2 Bargaining power of Buyers                                        

                3.4.3 Degree of Competition                                                

                3.4.4 Threat of Substitution                                                 

                3.4.5 Threat of new entrants                                                       

        3.5 Future Trends in the Industry                                                

        3.6 Value Chain Analysis                                                             

        3.7 Government Policies & Regulations                                         

        3.8 Demand and Supply Gap-Potential for Compound Cattle Feed

4. Market Size & Forecast                                                                   

        4.1 Market Share, Ingredients                                                     

                4.1.1 Cereal                                                      

                4.1.2 Cereal by-products                                                    

                4.1.3 Oilseeds & Derivatives                                                

                4.1.4 Fats & Oils                                                

                4.1.5 Molasses                                                  

                4.1.6 Additives                                                  

                4.1.7 Others                                                      

        4.2 Market Share, Additives                                                        

                4.2.1 Antibiotics                                                 

                4.2.2 Vitamins                                                   

                4.2.3 Amino Acids                                                      

                4.2.4 Acidifiers                                                   

                4.2.5 Minerals                                                   

                4.2.6 Antioxidants                                                      

                4.2.7 Pellet Binders                                                    

                4.2.8 Enzymes                                                   

                4.2.9 Others                                                      

         4.3 Market Share, Feed Range                                                   

                4.3.1 Milk Yielders                                                      

                4.3.2 Calf Starter                                               

                4.3.3 Concentrates                                                     

                4.3.4 Others                                                      

5.  Market Sizes per State (Value & Volume)                                         

        5.1 Uttar Pradesh                                                              

        5.2 Maharashtra                                                        

        5.3 Rajasthan                                                            

        5.4 Gujarat                                                       

        5.5 Andhra Pradesh                                                           

        5.6 Orissa                                                         

        5.7 Tamil Nadu                                                          

        5.8 Madhya Pradesh                                                          

        5.9 Haryana                                                              

        5.10 Punjab                                                              

        5.11 West Bengal                                                               

        5.12 Kerala                                                       

        5.13 Rest of India                                                              

6. Competitive Analysis                                                                       

        6.1 Market Share Analysis                                                           

        6.2 Growth Strategies of leading players                                               

        6.3 Investment and Development Prospects                                 

                6.3.1 Investment in past five years                                              

                6.3.2 Investment Opportunities                                           

        6.4 Price Trend Analysis                                                             

                6.4.1 Product Classifications and Their Prices                        

                6.4.2 Factors Influencing Prices                                           

        6.5 Strategies for utilizing the market potential                              

7. Company Profiles                                                                   

        7.1 Kapila Cattle Feeds                                                       

        7.2 Godrej Agrovet                                                             

        7.3 Suguna Cattle Feed                                                              

        7.4 Amrut Cattle Feeds                                                               

        7.5 KSE Ltd.                                                              

        7.6 Anmol Group                                                       

        7.7 GCMMF (Amul)                                                             

        7.8 Heritage Nutrivet Ltd.                                                           

        7.9 SKM Animal Feeds and Foods                                                

        7.10 Nutritech Feeds                                                          

        7.11 De Heus                                                            

        7.12 Patanjali Feeds                                                           

        7.13 SKM Animal Feeds                                                              

        7.14 Indian Potash Ltd.                                                              

8. Current Status of Exports & Export Opportunities                                       

9. Trade Regulations                                                                  

10. Buyer’s Profile