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Published July, 2018
Colombia Agriculture Equipment Market- Size, Trends, Competitive Analysis and Forecasts (2019-2024)

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Colombia is the third largest economy by GDP in South America. Since the last couple of decades, the economy of Colombia has captured significant value due to the increased effort from the Government to fight against corruption, drug issues, and other civil issues. The agriculture industry in Colombia contributes a considerable share of the GDP of the country. Hence, the opportunity for the growth of agriculture machinery market in the country is very high. Colombia currently captures around 16% of the total agriculture equipment market in South America, the market revenue of which is recorded at $2.1 billion in 2018. As the awareness about the application of mechanization across farmlands in order to boost crop productivity has been growing, the market value of agriculture equipment in Colombia will gain considerable value in the coming years.

There are many drivers that aid the growth of agriculture equipment market in the country. These factors include increasing population of the country resulting in rising need to expand the crop production efficiency, economic stability leading to increased purchasing power, shortage of farmland workforce and reducing land required for agriculture production due to increasing industrialization. Based on these drivers the market revenue of agriculture equipment in the country is forecasted to attain the value of $2.9 billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecasting period 2019 to 2024. Low awareness about the application of machinery across farmland especially among the farmers in the rural areas and low affordability of heavy equipment hinders the growth of the market. However, the concept of precision farming and efficient management practice will provide a huge opportunity for the growth of the market in the country.

Key Deliverables

  • Market trends since 2015 and five-year forecasts of market growth 
  • Detailed analysis of the micro and macro elements influencing demand trends
  • Identifying opportunity spaces across segments and countries  
  • Supply & demand side trend and analysis
  • Price trend analysis, investment prospects and competition pattern
  • Insights on growth potential of the market
  • Detailed analysis of major producers covering financial investments & strategies adopted
  • Competitive landscape of the industry


1. Introduction                                                                                     

          1.1 Research Methodology                                                                     

          1.2 Scope of the Study                                                                          

          1.3 Assumptions                                                                         

2. Summary                                                                               

          2.1 Market Summary By Type                                                                          

3. Industry Dynamics                                                                            

          3.1 Drivers                                                                       

                   3.1.1 Growing access to subsidies and credits for Farm Machinery in Asia       

                   3.1.2 Push for agriculture mechanization from policy makers                        

                   3.1.3 Focus to increase cropping intensity                                                 

                   3.1.4 Dwindling agriculture labourers due to Urbanization                              

          3.2 Restraints                                                                   

                   3.2.1 Diminishing area under agriculture                                                    

                   3.2.2 Increased number of fragmented landholding in Asia                                     

                   3.2.2 Consolidating farmland under contract farming & co-operatives              

          3.3 Opportunities                                                                        

                   3.3.1 Growing emphasis on Precision farming                                            

                   3.3.2 Hill Agriculture                                                           

                   3.3.3 Gender friendly tools and Equipment                                                

                   3.3.4 Crop Specific Package of machines                                                  

          3.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis                                                                       

                   3.4.1 Bargaining power of Suppliers                                                         

                   3.4.2 Bargaining power of Buyers                                                            

                   3.4.3 Degree of Competition                                                         

                   3.4.4 Threat of Substitution                                                          

                   3.4.5 Threat of new entrants                                                                  

          3.5 Future Trends in the Industry                                                                      

          3.6 Value Chain Analysis                                                                        

          3.7 Industry Policies & Regulations                                                                    

          3.8 Market Innovations                                                                         

4. Market Size and Forecast                                                                             

          4.1 Tractors                                                                     

                   4.1.1 Utility Tractors                                                          

          Row crop tractors                                                          

          Garden & Orchard type Tractor                                                  

          Orchard Tractor                                                             

          Rotary Tillers                                                                 


          4.2 Plowing and Cultivating Machinery                                                                

                   4.2.1 Ploughs                                                          

                   4.2.2 Harrows                                                         

                   4.2.3 Cultivators & Tillers                                                              

                   4.2.4 Others                                                           

          4.3 Planting Machinery                                                                           

                   4.3.1 Seed Drill                                                                 

                   4.3.2 Planters                                                          

                   4.3.3 Broadcast Seeders                                                               

                   4.3.4 Transplanters                                                            

          4.4 Fertilizing Machinery                                                                         

                   4.4.1 Dry Fertilizer Spreaders                                                                  

                   4.4.2 Drop Spreaders                                                         

                   4.4.3 Rotary Spreaders                                                                

                   4.4.4 Others                                                           

          4.5 Harvesters                                                                           

                   4.5.1 Crop & Grain Harvestor                                                                  

                   4.5.2 Rootcrop Harvestor                                                             

                   4.5.3 Fruits and Vegetable Harvestor                                                                 

                   4.5.4 Threshers                                                                 

                   4.5.5 Others                                                           

          4.6 Haying and Forage Machinery                                                                      

                   4.6.1 Mowers                                                          

                   4.6.2 Conditioners                                                             

                   4.6.3 Tedders/inverters                                                                

                   4.6.4 Hay rakes                                                                

                   4.6.5 Balers                                                            

          4.7 Combines                                                                             

                   4.7.1 Corn Crop                                                                

                   4.7.2 Rice Crop                                                                 

                   4.7.3 Soybean Crop                                                           

                   4.7.4 Wheat Crop                                                              

                   4.7.5 Other Crops                                                             

          4.8 Sprayers                                                                    

                   4.8.1 Low Pressure Sprayers                                                         

                    Tractor Mounted Sprayers                                                  

                    High Clearance Sprayers                                                    

                    Trailer Mounted Sprayer                                                     

                    Truck Mounted Sprayer                                                     

                   4.8.2 High Pressure Sprayers                                                                  

                    Air Carrier Sprayers                                                 

                    Hand Operated Sprayers                                                    


          4.9 Irrigation Machineries                                                                       

                   4.9.1 Sprinkler Irrigation                                                               

                   4.9.2 Drip Irrigation                                                           

          4.10 Parts and Attachments                                                                    

          4.11 Other Agricultural Equipment                                                                      

5. Competitive Analysis                                                                                   

          5.1 Market Share Analysis                                                                      

          5.2 Growth Strategies of leading players                                                             

          5.3 Investment and Development Prospects                                                                 

                   5.3.1 Investment in past five years                                                          

                   5.3.2 Investment Opportunities                                                               

          5.4 Competition Pattern                                                                         

                   5.4.1 Concentration Ratio                                                             

                   5.4.2 Industry Competition                                                           

          5.5 Price Trend Analysis                                                                         

                   5.5.1 Product Classifications and Their Prices                                    

                   5.5.2 Factors Influencing Prices                                                               

6. Company Profiles                                                                              

          6.1 AGCO Corp.                                                                          

          6.2 Agrifac Machinery                                                                  

          6.3 Alamo Group Incorporated                                                                         

          6.4 AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Company KG                                       

          6.5 ARGO SpA                                                                            

          6.6 Bucher Industries AG                                                                        

          6.7 Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group                                          

          6.8 China National Machinery Industry Corporation                                                        

          6.9 Claas KGaA mbH                                                                   

          6.10 CNH Industrial N.V                                                                         

          6.11 Daedong Industrial Company Limited                                                          

          6.12 Deere and Company                                                                      

          6.13 Escorts Limited                                                                    

          6.14 Exel Industries SA                                                                          

          6.15 Foton Lovol International Heavy Industries Company Ltd.                              

          6.16 Iseki & Co. Ltd.                                                                   

          6.17 JCB Limited                                                                         

          6.18 Kubota Corporation                                                                       

          6.19 Kuhn Group                                                                        

          6.20 Kukje Machinery Company Limited                                                    

          6.21 Kverneland Group                                                                          

          6.22 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.                                                                         

          6.23 Netafim Limited                                                                   

          6.24 Same Deutz-Fahr Deutschland Gmbh                                                           

          6.25 Shandong Shifeng Group Company Limited                                         

          6.26 Tetra Laval International SA                                                                      

          6.28 Valmont Industries Incorporated                                                                

          6.29 WORLD Group Company Limited                                                                

          6.30 Yamabiko Corporation                                                                    

          6.31 Yanmar Company Limited                                                                         

          6.32 ZETOR TRACTORS